The internet is a wonderful resource for medical information. However, there is also a lot of misleading, subjective and just, plain wrong information available. The following sites are some that offer reliable information on a variety of subjects.


Pet Health Center from Web MD -


This site has a wide variety of information about the health issues of dogs and cats.


Veterinary -


This site has info on dogs, cats, reptiles, horses and small mammals. Topics include areas of diseases, drugs, preventative health and behavior issues.


The American Heartworm Society -


This site is a source of information about heartworn disease for owners and veterinarians. Heartworms are one of the most common diseases of dogs in North Carolina and they are preventable.


ASPCA Animal Posion Control Center -


The only non-profit animal posion center in North America has toxicologists available 24/7. There is a $65 fee that allows multiple consultations about the same case.


Canine Health Problems by Breed -


This page lists the types of health problems that each breed is prone to.


Perfect Paws - Puppy, Dog and Cat Training Tips -


Tips for everything from housebreaking to behavioral problems.


We're Getting Our New Puppy Today -


Health and safety tips for your new puppy


My Smart Puppy -


Articles on dog training and care


N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine -


Pets -


Information about traveling with your pet and listings of pet-friendly hotels.



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